Using the Paypal invoice feature for your small business needs

Whether your are a new blogger or an experienced blogger, a small business owner or freelancer you may have been asked if "you accept Paypal." You may have also been asked to submit an invoice via PayPal or by some clients to accept credit cards. All of these things can be done, making PayPal an … [Read More...]

Facebook Pages Feed: Instant engagement and feed information

A great number of bloggers I know frequently say "just don't know what to share on Facebook." They don't want to be egocentric and only share content from their blog. But what they do want is engaging content, information and hopefully not have to pay for the increasing their engagement through the … [Read More...]

10 reasons to Switch to a Custom Domain Name

I did it. I admit it. I was once upon a time a blogspot blogger. I started out with a blog, just for fun while I was freelance writing for Yahoo and other online and print magazines. I know how easy it can be, but I also know that at some point you may want to grow beyond where those types of sites … [Read More...]

Campaigns and Social Media Marketing

Interested in a campaign where bloggers and brands work together to create quality content and share it? See what our media group can do for you!

Content Writing

Do you need quality content that is FTC and Google compliant? Articles and quality SEO content are available.

What to Write: 29 Writing Prompts for February

If you are anything like me, and many of the writers and bloggers I know, you started off with really great ideas about writing topics and goals for the year. You were ready to fill in your editorial calendar with topics and ideas and be ready to … [Read More...]

The Unofficial Tax Handbook for Bloggers

It's that time of the year again when bloggers thoughts turn towards taxes. To be honest, we should be thinking about them all the time, but with the approaching deadline to file taxes it becomes even more urgent that we look at our income, expenses and muddle through all the tax do's and don't. … [Read More...]

10 ways to Reuse and Repurpose your Content

I remember when writing web content meant writing quality content, free of errors and with topics and titles which readers would enjoy. Of course you had to learn some writing skills for Search Engine Optimization, because that was back in the dark … [Read More...]

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Free printable: Blogger at Work

One of the joys of being a blogger and content writer is being able to work from anywhere, but most especially from home. However it can also be one of the "cons" as there are so many interruptions. If you family likes mine comes into the office with regularity it may be time to hang out your own … [Read More...]

Using Facebook Call to Action App to Gain Subscribers

  Did you know that Facebook has a cool app called "Call to Action?" Have you really looked at it or just left it alone thinking maybe it didn't really have anything to offer? It's actually quite easy to use this app and in just a few short minutes you can use it for a number of … [Read More...]

Perfecting your post before you publish: The ultimate blogging checklist

  Whether you are an experienced blogger with many years behind you blogging or a brand new blogger a blogger checklist can help you make sure that you do more than dot all your i's and cross all your t's before you hit that publish button. Creating Your Content Research your topic … [Read More...]

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Can you improve your Instagram instantly?

After attending a blogger conference where Instagram was one of the sessions, I started wondering is it possible to instantly improve your Instagram? I think it is. But then again it depends on what you mean by improve. Do you judge your improvement by the … [Read More...]

11 Reasons why you need evergreen content

Evergreen is described by as "something that is evergreen, or enduringly fresh" and "retaining its relevance, popularity, usefulness, etc.; enduring." I first encountered the concept of evergreen content in college while I was studying Journalism. Evergreen content is content, no … [Read More...]

Top 10 benefits to bloggers of an editorial calendar

  Have you every sat down at your computer and wondered "What am I going to write today?" Or complained about "writers/bloggers block?" Those two reasons and many others are why it is important to have an editorial calendar. Reasons to have an editorial calendar Avoid writer's block and … [Read More...]