Making reviews work for you: Creating an Amazon store on your web or blog

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Amazon is quite possibly one of my favorite places to shop online. I know it’s the first place I turn to to order everything from office supplies to birthday presents, not to mention free Kindle books, instant videos and PRIME shipping. But did you know that there are a number of ways to make Amazon work for your blog or website? There are! Some of these options include participating in the affiliate program and using their amazing services to create your own online store.

Why create an online store on your blog?

Many bloggers do tons of product reviews. Let’s face it we like being in the know about what’s new and what’s improved and we love sharing that with our audience. While products are great, why not make those reviews work for you by adding an affiliate link in your post, with proper disclosure in your content of course. But there’s another way to make the review work for you and it’s by creating your own store using the tools from Amazon and feature the products you know and love. Your readers can visit your storefront, make a purchase and you will make your commission. It also helps with keeping a nice neat storefront package of products, all in one place for your readers to turn to. Lastly, some bloggers may find they enjoy the storefront better than placing a typical ad in their content, though others may say, “Why not do both?”

Typical Amazon ad in your content

Your typical review post probably goes a little something like this: image, content, image, content, ad and your ad looks a lot like this.

Your Amazon Store could look like this!

Amazon Store


Sure, you can include the ad in the post, but you can also create an Amazon Storefront page just for your blog. Here’s an example from our blog  The store is linked up top, so your categories can still be featured on the main menu. After all content is king!

Creating an Amazon store

Creating your own Amazon store is fun and easy. First you have to have an affiliate relationship with Amazon. If you don’t have one here’s how to get one.

Once you have your affiliate ID, you simply visit amazonassociates. This is at the top right hand corner of your screen with EVERY page you visit on Amazon making it easy to find it.

Select the aStore button to get started.

amazon store

You will then select “add aStore” (you can go back later and select prior stores to duplicate or to edit but for now we are doing the first storefront).



1) Access Category pages

2) You want to add your categories to your drop down menu. It doesn’t have to be the ones that Amazon provides you can create your own. In the sample above it’s “Toys.” On Great Beer Now you see we have books, movies, dining and snacks. After all good beer deserves good food.

3) On the drop down menu you select add individual items. This is where you get to have some fun! Just start searching for and adding the items you have reviewed.

astore on amazon

Up next on the left sidebar select color and design. There are any number of options available or you can pick and choose your colors yourself. Personally I think if it “ain’t broke” don’t fix it and I was able to find colors to match each of our blogs. You can select the colors individually or use the html code for the colors you choose. As you select colors you get to preview your store.

creating an amazon store on your blog


The end is in sight … no pun intended.

Select “Get Link” and select which one you want to choose. In the case of we selected the inline frame.” The code will appear in the box and then you highlight the html. Copy the html code and take it to your site.

To place the code on your site you will need to have created your own page, titled it “Store” and then go into the text editor. I admit I’ve only done this on WordPress, so that’s what we are working with today.

Paste the code into the page in the text editor and then hit publish. Of course you should want to do the SEO content for that page, and include a share button so you can share it frequently with your audience.

Just think! Say there’s a sale or lightening deal on something you have reviewed. You can post about the deal, link to the store and who knows what else they may buy! Keep all your reviews in one place and make a commission on each sale that is processed!



Sharing is simple . . .
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  1. You’ve inspired me to make a store. 🙂

    Since I’ll be reviewing various types of things, I’m not sure what to do regarding the part where you mark specific things in your store. For example….someone may write “Samsung” as a specific brand they promote.

    Guess I should have my store name match my blog name?

    Thank you!

    • Administrator says:

      I would – I think it’s a good idea to keep the names consistent. Good luck with it!