11 Reasons why you need evergreen content

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evergreen content

Evergreen is described by Dictionary.com as “something that is evergreen, or enduringly fresh” and “retaining its relevance, popularity, usefulness, etc.; enduring.” I first encountered the concept of evergreen content in college while I was studying Journalism. Evergreen content is content, no matter where it is published, which remains of value to the reader. Some examples may be a recipe or potty training tips or a tutorial.  Other examples are your “About Me” page, interviews, resources and biographical information (e.g. 7 Do’s and Don’ts for those Doing In-Vitro Fertilizaion IVF). As a blogger or web content writer we may find it far too easy to concentrate on the “hot topic” of the day or the Google alerts or “trending” articles to spend much time thinking about evergreen content and why it’s important.  But we should.

Reasons Why You Need Evergreen Content

  1. You can continually attract traffic to your blog or website. For example, a recipe is something someone may be searching for and they come across yours.
  2. Evergreen content, when combined with your SEO tools can increase your placement and rankings. As more people find your content, the more you are seen to be a valuable resource.
  3. Use evergreen content to break up all those “sponsored” posts and “no follow” links which Google doesn’t like.
  4. Be seen as an expert on a topic or topics. For example if you continually share your delicious recipes you can be seen by your audience as an expert in the area of food.
  5. Make sales. By creating evergreen content you aren’t given up the opportunity to monetize your content. You can simply tailor your ads to fit that content. For example say you discuss winterizing your car. Insert affiliate ads which relate to the content, a video you created (with ads), or a free or for pay printable they can use to do their own car winterization.
  6. Brings people back to your “door.” Now that you have been seen by your readers and even brands as an expert they are more likely to a) come back for more, b) buy from your site or c) engage you in sponsorship or ambassadorship opportunities. My favorite emails from publicists say they have visited my site and actually points out specific content which they enjoyed – and which brought them to contact me.
  7. You get more backlinks with evergreen content. As you are researching information and find someone who looks like an expert don’t you link to them? Why not BE the expert and have people linking to you.
  8. Evergreen content drives traffic your way through being continually relevant and backlinks.
  9. You don’t have to delete it. Now, you may want to update it or make sure that the information is still accurate. Maybe you want to even go back and take a new picture or create a pinnable graphic for it to make it more marketable. Maybe you should revisit it to check the keywords. But you don’t have to start all over again.
  10. You always have something to share. Has it been a hard month? Has there been an illness in the family? Are their demands on your time which has made it difficult for you to write? Share your evergreen content with you audience and keep them coming back for more, even while you aren’t publishing more content.
  11. Evergreen content provides you the opportunity to explore your social sharing strategy. For example, Google+ and Pinterest has not always been around. (GASP – say it isn’t so!) So some of your content, like those great crafts, decorations, organization tips, or recipes – while they may be pinned — haven’t been pinned to your profile or account. This leaves you one more opportunity to share your content again.

Don’t underestimate the value and the power of evergreen content. People like reading it. People like sharing it. Some people may even learn from it. Others may be helped by it.

Takeaway – Grab you pen and paper and make a list of evergreen topics and content you currently have available to share. Also start brainstorming ideas for evergreen content you can write for the future.

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Making reviews work for you: Creating an Amazon store on your web or blog

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Amazon is quite possibly one of my favorite places to shop online. I know it’s the first place I turn to to order everything from office supplies to birthday presents, not to mention free Kindle books, instant videos and PRIME shipping. But did you know that there are a number of ways to make Amazon work for your blog or website? There are! Some of these options include participating in the affiliate program and using their amazing services to create your own online store.

Why create an online store on your blog?

Many bloggers do tons of product reviews. Let’s face it we like being in the know about what’s new and what’s improved and we love sharing that with our audience. While products are great, why not make those reviews work for you by adding an affiliate link in your post, with proper disclosure in your content of course. But there’s another way to make the review work for you and it’s by creating your own store using the tools from Amazon and feature the products you know and love. Your readers can visit your storefront, make a purchase and you will make your commission. It also helps with keeping a nice neat storefront package of products, all in one place for your readers to turn to. Lastly, some bloggers may find they enjoy the storefront better than placing a typical ad in their content, though others may say, “Why not do both?”

Typical Amazon ad in your content

Your typical review post probably goes a little something like this: image, content, image, content, ad and your ad looks a lot like this.

Your Amazon Store could look like this!

Amazon Store


Sure, you can include the ad in the post, but you can also create an Amazon Storefront page just for your blog. Here’s an example from our blog GreatBeerNow.com.  The store is linked up top, so your categories can still be featured on the main menu. After all content is king!

Creating an Amazon store

Creating your own Amazon store is fun and easy. First you have to have an affiliate relationship with Amazon. If you don’t have one here’s how to get one.

Once you have your affiliate ID, you simply visit amazonassociates. This is at the top right hand corner of your screen with EVERY page you visit on Amazon making it easy to find it.

Select the aStore button to get started.

amazon store

You will then select “add aStore” (you can go back later and select prior stores to duplicate or to edit but for now we are doing the first storefront).



1) Access Category pages

2) You want to add your categories to your drop down menu. It doesn’t have to be the ones that Amazon provides you can create your own. In the sample above it’s “Toys.” On Great Beer Now you see we have books, movies, dining and snacks. After all good beer deserves good food.

3) On the drop down menu you select add individual items. This is where you get to have some fun! Just start searching for and adding the items you have reviewed.

astore on amazon

Up next on the left sidebar select color and design. There are any number of options available or you can pick and choose your colors yourself. Personally I think if it “ain’t broke” don’t fix it and I was able to find colors to match each of our blogs. You can select the colors individually or use the html code for the colors you choose. As you select colors you get to preview your store.

creating an amazon store on your blog


The end is in sight … no pun intended.

Select “Get Link” and select which one you want to choose. In the case of GreatBeerNow.com we selected the inline frame.” The code will appear in the box and then you highlight the html. Copy the html code and take it to your site.

To place the code on your site you will need to have created your own page, titled it “Store” and then go into the text editor. I admit I’ve only done this on WordPress, so that’s what we are working with today.

Paste the code into the page in the text editor and then hit publish. Of course you should want to do the SEO content for that page, and include a share button so you can share it frequently with your audience.

Just think! Say there’s a sale or lightening deal on something you have reviewed. You can post about the deal, link to the store and who knows what else they may buy! Keep all your reviews in one place and make a commission on each sale that is processed!



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Party like a Rock Star with rock stars and Pura Vida Tequila

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It’s time to party like a rock star! Better yet – party with rock stars and Pura Vida Tequila!

We are looking for food, beverage, spirits and events bloggers and columnists to participate in the Pura Vida Bus Tour as it travels from city to city with the Rockstar Energy Drink UpRoar Festival!   Join in the festival activities beginning with  VIP All Access tickets and backstage passes and your own party palace with Pura Vida!  But that’s not all, there’s a meet and greet with Sully Erna and the Godsmack band members, talk time with the band and a traditional 8:15 toast.   (See below for details – APPLY HERE).

Festival line up varies slightly but includes:





Pop Evil

Escape the Fate

Three Years Hollow

New Medicine

Within Reason

Sons of Revelry

These Raven Skies


Limited spots are available in each city so let’s get the party started, and apply.

Participation Requirements

Bloggers will receive a shipment of Pura Vida premium tequila products. They will post one pre-event post and one post event post as well as one recipe from Pura Vida (recipe may be your own or feature a Pura Vida recipe and instructions).

Bloggers are required to share on social media before,during and after their festival tour all content and participation throughout the festival and concert.

Bloggers will submit links to content and shares by their deadline. Deadlines will be provided and will vary depending on dates of concerts.

Bloggers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the event as well as any other travel expenses.

Your application indicates that you agree with all requirements, and will be honoring all deadlines.

Place this button on your blog and link to http://newcreativewriting.com.



  1.  VIP All Access tickets and backstage passes
  2. The rare opportunity to meet and greet with one of the biggest and best rock bands in the world today, Godsmack!
  3. A chance to share in Sully’s traditional “8:15” toast, a shot of ultra premium tequila with Sully Erna and the other Godsmack band members held every night at 8:15 before the band goes on stage.

And of course, access to the Godsmack/Pura Vida party bus throughout the event, where it will serve as a kind hospitality suite for those associated with Pura Vida during the festival.

Participating bloggers will also receive a complete selection of Pura Vida Ultra Premium Tequilas and tequila products, which includes:
1 Bottle Pura Vida Silver Tequila- average retail cost @ $34
1 Bottle Pura Vida Gold/Reposado Tequila – average retail cost @ $39
1 Bottle Pura Vida Añejo Tequila – average retail cost @ $44
1 Bottle Pura Vida Extra Añejo Tequila – average retail cost @ $83

Additionally your Pura Vida products  will include:
1 Bottle of authentic Mexican “Naranja”, Pura Vida’s premium orange liqueur
1 Bottle of “El Guapo’s Sangrita” by Pura Vida
1 Bottle of “El Guapo’s Bloody Mary/Maria Mix”In addition to the complete Pura Vida Tequila company lineup, we are also throwing in:

Opportunities are in these locations.

FRI 8/29/2014 Simpsonville, SC Charter Amphitheater
SAT 8/30/2014 Tampa, FL MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
SUN 8/31/2014 Gulfport, MS Jones Park
MON 9/1/2014 OFF (Labor Day)
TUE 9/2/2014 Grand Prairie, TX (Dallas) Verizon Theatre
WED 9/3/2014 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Amphitheater
THU 9/4/2014 OFF
FRI 9/5/2014 Bonner Springs, KS (Kansas City) Sandstone Amphitheatre
SAT 9/6/2014 Sioux City, IA Tyson Event Center
SUN 9/7/2014 Oklahoma City, OK Zoo Amphitheatre
MON 9/8/2014 OFF
TUE 9/9/2014 Denver, CO 1STBANK Center
WED 9/10/2014 OFF
THU 9/11/2014 Post Falls, ID (Spokane) Greyhound Park
FRI 9/12/2014 Seattle, WA White River Amphitheatre
SAT 9/13/2014 OFF
SUN 9/14/2014 New City Added! Sacramento CA  Godsmack only
MON 9/15/2014 OFF
TUE 9/16/2014 Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
WED 9/17/2014 Las Vegas, NV The Joint
THU 9/18/2014 Phoenix, AZ Comerica Theatre
FRI 9/19/2014 OFF
SAT 9/20/2014 Albuquerque, NM Journal Pavilion
SUN 9/21/2014 Tucson, AZ Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium



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Expert tips on boosting your online and social media presence

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Tim Carroll Interview on social media presence

I recently had the opportunity to interview Tim Carroll, VP of Small Business Engagement at Deluxe Corp. We discussed several topics important to bloggers, social media professionals as well as anyone from small to big business, that has an interest in increasing their online and social media presence.

Grab your notepads, you will want to take some notes using his tips on:

  • Maximizing your social media  and web presence
  • How much is too much?
  • When to DIY and when to leave it to the experts
  • Guest Posts
  • SEO tips
  • Find out where you can get additional information and free webinars. 

Tim Carroll has a strong track record of developing innovative ideas, embracing new media and building focused, cross-functional teams. Most recently, he has applied this expertise to lead Deluxe Corporation’s brand transformation initiative: building awareness of Deluxe’s products and services among small business owners and helping them live their passions. Tim holds a bachelor of arts in economics from Yale University. He is an active member of the Mobile Marketing Association, Direct Marketing Association and Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association.

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Puritan’s Pride Mother’s Day Event Application

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We are so excited to be working with Puritan’s Pride again! We have a really fun filled opportunity for bloggers with product, a coupon code exclusively for your readers and a giveaway too. Each blogger gets their OWN giveaway!

Use the form below to find out more information. A group will be formed on Facebook of the bloggers selected. We will be accepting 15 bloggers so make sure to get your information in quickly!

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Bloggertunities: Go Houston 4th of July travel campaign

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Our Go Houston! Travel Blogger campaign is completed! What an amazing campaign with 9 bloggers showing off the best of what Houston has to offer from accommodations to dining and entertainment. Want to know how well it turned out? Contact me and I’ll give you some numbers that will WOW you and want you to do your next campaign with me and my group!

houston go badge


Go Houston! Travel Blogger Campaign – July 4th weekend


Updated … we have 8 blogger participants!  Our sponsors were so impressed with the quality of our applicants they extended the number of spots!

New Creative Writing and Social Media Marketing (home to Money Saving Parent) brings you this 4th of July weekend getaway.   A huge thank you to all our Houston sponsors; Hotel Sorella, Smashburger, Studio Movie Grill, Bistro Alex, Straits Restaurant and Houston Convention Center City Pass Program.   Big thanks to David Murphy of notageek4u.com for his beautiful blogger button!

What is available to participating bloggers:

Hotel Sorella - rear from CityCentre plaza

HOTEL STAY: Three days and two nights at the amazing and award winning Hotel Sorella located in Houston’s CityCentre.   Each night is approximately valued at $200 including tax.   Your stay dates are July, 4 and 5th.   An additional day of stay may be available at Hotel Sorella or at another equally amazing, luxury hotel here in Houston.  You may request the additional day.

Your additional day will be at the FABULOUS landmark downtown Houston Hotel Icon!  Luxury accommodations as well as the Line and Lariat for dining or you can go out on the town.  Check in early and take some time in the spa.

Fine Print:  Standard room – please indicate if you are a party of two or a family of four or more.   The room is for up to four people, additional rooms may be obtained at your expense.

The hotel offers a pool as well as Wi-Fi is standard and available for free for all guests.  Valet parking is available.

Find out more about your location http://citycentrehouston.com/ and http://www.hotelsorella-citycentre.com/


citycentre houston


This weekend CityCentre will be host to live music and entertainment in the square as well as their yearly fireworks display.

CITYPASS:   The CityPass Houston http://www.citypass.com/houston offers you a one stop ticket to your choice of FIVE major popular Houston attractions.  Choose from Space Center Houston, Downtown Aquarium, Houston Zoo or Kemah Boardwalk, The Children’s Museum or Museum of Fine Arts.

City Pass is currently $46 for adults (regular price $84.76) and $36 for children (regular price 64.19).   The pass is good for up to 9 days from date of purchase.

Fine Print:   Up to four CityPass are available (2 adults-2 children).  Should you have more in your party they may be obtained at your expense.    If you don’t have children, then only two adult passes are available.

Studio Movie Grill Passes (2 movie tickets for couples, up to four tickets for those traveling with children).


Complimentary Continental Breakfast at the hotel each day of your stay.

Smashburger Gift Card for $20 – Smashburger is on site.

Straits Restaurant – $50 for couple upon check in – amount to be increased for up to a family of four.  http://www.straitsrestaurants.com/straits—houston-pages-7.php

Bistro Alex (on hotel site) Voucher for up to three course meal (alcohol not included).

Total package approximately value for blogger family of four . . . . $750.00

Before you ask – No, I’m sorry travel expenses (air, bus, train, car, gas etc.) are not included.

What do you need to do? 

Put this button on your blog.   (pictured above) 1) save the image to your PC.   2)Please link it to http://newcreativewriting.com/partnerships.html.  If you need help with this step let me know.

Join Blog Free Houston and Beyond on Facebook.  Our group members get first notice of all campaigns and all information will be available on Facebook.  We will not be emailing out instructions.

Fill out the application.  (APPLICATION)

Applicants will be selected on the following criteria:

1)      Content:   Looking for good writers, especially those with travel, local and or review content (not just local Houston but for your area).  Any niche may apply, but you do need to have a travel or local category on your blog.

2)      Are you a local Houston blogger with local content about dining, entertainment or other topics on your site?

3)      Previous review posts and writing skills.

4)      Site design and presentation.

5)      Social media reach.

6)      Unique monthly views.

This campaign is all about quality, not just quantity.   It DOES NOT go to the highest page view or social media count.

Five bloggers will be selected.   Three bloggers will be wait listed in the event anyone is unable to make the travel.   Please be sure to select your choice of three travel dates – because we hope to bring many more adventures like this to you!  If not selected for this campaign you may be selected for the next.

If selected you are required to: 

LIKE and FOLLOW our sponsors on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Social media shares throughout your stay using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and any other forms available to you using appropriate hashtags and @s for each location.

You have 7 days in which to produce your Go Houston! Travel Blogger content and report in your blog links and social media share links.   This deadline must be strictly adhered to.

Are you interested?   Then get started with your Go Houston Travel Blogger Badge and let’s Go Houston!

Look for additional Go Houston!  Travel campaigns in the future, as well as other New Creative Writing and Social Media Campaigns when you join our Facebook Group at Blog Free Houston and Beyond.



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Blogger opportunity: Pura Vida

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pura vida

Are campaign is currently underway!  Follow us along on Twitter using the hashtag #livingpuravida

Looking for bloggers in the following niche or strong element in their blog: Foodie Bloggers, Party Planners, Recipe Artist, Spirited Bloggers, and those that post about entertaining and cooking. Lifestyle bloggers welcome to apply to as long as you meet the strong posting in those categories. Bloggers should be located in or near New York, Aspen, Austin, DFW, Houston, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Antonio, San Diego and San Francisco for this particular beta test campaign.

This is a beta test with the opportunity for regular monthly work depending on the success of the campaign. Should the program continue additional cities will be added (as will additional bloggers).

Bloggers are asked to write and promote on their social media channels a series of 4 blog posts during the months of Dec. and Jan. The first post to be due on or around Dec. 20:

1) Share about Pure Vida Tequila – all marketing materials will be provided to you (Do you know about the connection between ZZ Top and Pura Vida Tequila?)

2) Share a recipe on your blog – yes it’s with permission – and yes you can use Easy Recipe or other tool – it’s actually preferred. And the recipe is already created for you!

3) Share an image – it’s provided to you!

4) Talk about your thoughts on the product. Do you own taste test. Create your own recipe or use Pura Vida in your favorite drink or cooking recipe. (Tequila Lime Chicken anyone?)

5) Share your own image.

Bloggers will receive the following items to facilitate their review and recipe posting:
Pura Vida Silver – $32.99
Pura Vida Gold (Reposado) – $34.99
Pura Vida Anejo – $38.99

The below are non-alcoholic;

El Guapo’s Sangrita – $7.99
El Guapo’s Bloody Mary Maria Mix – $7.99
Pura Vida Agave Nectar – $6.99
Pura Vida Agave Nectar (Lite) – $6.99

TOTAL ——————————- 137.00

Bloggers will also be compensated in the amount of $100.00 + the product for completing their assignment. Products are provided in advance. Payment upon completion.

Total compensation package – 237.00!

Appropriate FTC and Google TOS disclosures required. You will need to turn off Google Adsense on these posts.

Pura Vida español for pure life or the good life, means living life to the fullest, pushing the limits of excitement, or, as far as your sense of adventure takes you.

How far will you adventure take you?!

Join Pura Vida online at:

Website – http://puravidatequila.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/PuraVidaTequila/info
Twitter – https://twitter.com/tequilapuravida
Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/tequilapuravida/

We will be moving fast – so complete the form fast!
Limited positions available. A Facebook group will be formed. Any questions email me at editor@newcreativewriting.com. Those selected will be emailed with a link to the group. Applications end midnight Dec. 16/17.

Referral bonus – $25.00 paypal for the person who refers the most applicants.

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