What to Write: 29 Writing Prompts for February

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february writing prompts

If you are anything like me, and many of the writers and bloggers I know, you started off with really great ideas about writing topics and goals for the year. You were ready to fill in your editorial calendar with topics and ideas and be ready to plan ahead and even take some time off from work occasionally because you could work ahead.  But sometimes are best laid plans just don’t work out the way we had hoped, especially when we pick up extra projects and work and have all those spots to fill. To help out with this months planning here are 29 writing prompts inspired by this month, the season and the topics which people are searching for during the month of February.

Holidays always provide great inspiration. You have crafts, decorating, DIY projects, and events to attend. Here are some unique and not so unique holidays in February which can provide you with some inspiration and writing ideas.

*Note while not a “list” of 29 ideas, it is 29 ideas based on groupings of various topics.

Super Bowl Sunday gets a lot of hype, and it’s a great way of sharing party planning ideas, recipes and more. But you have to act fast to fit them into the beginning of the month.

American Heart Month – Talk about heart healthy tips, clean cooking and even offer recipes which are heart healthy. Cover events and share your experiences with getting your heart checked this month, or how your family is dealing with heart disease or other heart health issues.

Black History Month – What are some changes you have seen and experienced the course of history? What are some African American historical figures which inspire you?

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Creative Romance Month – Sure it’s Valentine’s Day, but let’s think about creative ways to bring romance into the relationship. Do you have some ideas about inexpensive date night ideas? How about some romantic inspiration in fashion or decorating the home/bedroom?

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Great American Pie Month and National Cherry Month – My mouth waters over these two topics. While you can post your favorite pie recipes don’t forget about things like Chicken Pot Pie or delicious recipes made with pie crusts. To monetize using your favorite pie pans, mixers and more.

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National Children’s Dental Health Month – Do you have a neat trick to share about teaching your children to brush their teeth? Maybe like our family you got to do a tour of a pediatric dentist office to help kids become more comfortable with dental health care? Maybe you could share some fun book reviews or free printables. Feb. 28th is also National Tooth Fairy Day.

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Valentine’s Day – This one is easy. Thing of love, romance, activities, dinner or snacks for the kids. Free printables, Valentine’s Day party favors or gifts for teachers are also all good ideas this month. Actually you probably should have started these in January, but it’s not too late.

Gardening and Pruning – Gardening content if for planning ahead. While people may not actually be starting the projects until later on in the month or on into March, they are looking for ideas and starting to purchase their supplies. Pruning trees and bushes after the long winter months (at least here in Houston) is recommended. It’s the perfect time especially for the flowering bushes so they bloom nicely once spring arrives officially.

Start looking ahead to March and April and work on getting your content out there for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Daylight savings time is just around the corner. What are some regular activities people should do that it is a good reminder. This is a great time to remind readers or provide them with a checklist of DIY items in the home like changing out filters or checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Consider creating a free printable which you can also use in your newsletter or as a thank you for subscribing.

With Valentine’s Day, consider doing last minute gift ideas for those you love. These can be anything from crafts and DIY at home or quick purchases. It’s a great time to do a round up of crafts, foods, or even create your own top ten items like gifts for him, gifts for her or movies to enjoy. These topics are also really easy to monetize.

Online dating – Do you have some great online dating tips or funny stories to share. It’s that time of the year when many look to blind dates or online dating as a method of meeting a new “love.”

Relationship tips – Every marriage or relationship has their share of ups and downs. Share with your readers what you have learned about love.

Google alerts can keep you up to date about the latest trends and topics in your niche. Have you set up your alerts yet to find out what’s new in your area of expertise or what other are talking about. Use that to help you with a little or a lot of inspiration.

Remember you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You could also Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle Your Old Content making the most of the work you have already done.






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Rocktober Writing Prompts for October

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October writing prompts



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Well it is for bloggers, writers and content creators. The major holiday season is upon us and that means we could be busier than every before! Not only do we have our own holidays to plan for but often the work load becomes quite the harvest.  Some may find this time exciting, while others may find it hard to focus. Here are 31 writing prompts for October to help you along your way every day.

  1. It’s Adopt a Shelter Dog month – have you every adopted a shelter dog? Share your experience adopting a dog, from selection to training and special needs that come with it along with the special joys.
  2. Discuss how adopting a shelter dog helps the environment and saves a life. Without adoption many of these animals may be left in the cities to die, and often some of the illness they succumb to can be transferred to other animals. Without out adoption many of these dogs are “put down.”
  3. Interview a dog shelter and find out about their specific needs. Start up a pay it forward campaign and flex your social media muscle for good.
  4. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, share your experience getting a mammogram. Lead by example. Talk to experts in the field, local experts can be an amazing resource in spreading knowledge and information.
  5. Join up with breast cancer awareness opportunities, whether it’s a Twitter party, walk/run or other fund raising/awareness event.
  6. Cookie month – what better time to get those holiday cookie recipes perfected for everything from Halloween to Christmas.
  7. Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Have you been a victim of domestic violence? Do you feel you can share your story?
  8. Write a commentary on the high profile domestic violence going on recently. Could these stories help others?
  9. Compile a list of domestic violence resources available in your area.
  10. Support a local organization with a pay it forward event. Get other brands and blogs involved and make it a big one!
  11. It’s festival season here in Houston, is it where you live? We can celebrate anything from Octoberfest to Hot Sauce. Attend a local festival and share the food, culture, recipes, drink and music. Write a fashion blog? it’s the perfect way to tie in cultural fashion, make local connections and enjoy a day out with friends and family. After all, we have to experience it to write about it!
  12. Oct. 5th is World Teachers Day.  You know all those ideas you have for Teacher Appreciation Week? Now is a great time to bring out your archives and share those posts.
  13. Interview a teacher.
  14. What are some things teachers wish parents knew about teaching?
  15. October brings with it the harvest season. Now’s a great time to bring out some field trips to local farms – great for activities and events for many bloggers or even turn it into a field trip for homeschooling parents. What did the kids learn from the farm visit? What are some things you learned from it? How will it change how you view food? Or grocery shopping?
  16. This month is a great month to also bring out all the decorating posts you have for Halloween and Fall. Not only can you pull out great content from your archives but you can share the items you create this year for your home.
  17. FOOD! With more holidays comes more entertaining. Are you testing out a new recipe to serve at a holiday dinner or party? Write it down and take pictures as you go. After all, when it’s all done you may just have the dream delicious blog post you have always wanted.
  18. Think squash, pumpkin, apples, bananas, cranberries and nuts – when testing out new recipe ideas.
  19. Pumpking carving stencils – it’s not my strong suit but I know plenty of bloggers that do. Why not do a round up and share the blogger love. Inlinkz can help you do it quickly and easily with images too!
  20. Free printables – right now is a great time to show your creative side with printables for everything from getting your home organized to chore charts. Since school is back in session many families may be finding it hard to get back on track with the schedule.
  21. Ghosts and goblins, pumpkins and pies! Bring on the Halloween content – from recipes and decorations to tips for families with allergies or special needs.
  22. Columbus Day – this is were teachers and home schooling moms can really shine! I love doing fun learning activities with the kids and with the holiday we have a day at home. Do you have a great historical activity or game we could do together? How about local writers? Any great activities or events?
  23. Stop, drop and roll but that’s not all. Let’s talk Fire Safety Month – from camping to what to do if there is a fire in your home. Do you have an exit plan? Share it with your readers and let’s get the fire safety conversation heated up!
  24. National Pizza Month means you can work with your favorite pizza brands, restaurants or even share your homemade pizza recipes. Make it a pizza night and get the whole family involved! Host a pizza party where everyone creates their favorite pizza.
  25. National Poetry Day is Oct. 15. Try your hand at poetry.
  26. Are you a bloggers blogger? What projects are you working on right now? Are you growing a social media channel? Learning a new skill? Share your experiences with other bloggers as well as the resources that may help them grow.
  27. MONEY! Now is a great time to share some money saving tips – especially to get ready for the holidays. What are some ways you save money for Christmas or holiday travel? Do you have tried and true methods and tips? Don’t keep them to yourself share them with your readers.
  28. It’s a fabulous fall season! Do you have gardening tips? Maybe fabulous fall flowers to plant? Now it a great time to dress it up both inside and outside your home.
  29. With fall we have cooler temperatures. We may be spending more time inside – or even outside. What are some things you are doing this fall ? Bringing back family game or movie night?
  30. It’s soccer and football season in our household. Why not share how parents and guardians can set the stage for a successful sports season. What did you learn watching your children play sports? Did you volunteer? How can parents get involved?
  31. That also means football season for the adults too! What are some football game day recipes you love? Does your Sunday game day with friends and family really score? What do you do to make that possible?

There’s thousands of more prompts but you are most likely ready to go do some writing of your own and not reading mine! Ready, set, WRITE!


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31 Days of Writing Prompts for August

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31 days of writing prompts for august



Summer is coming to an end and with it a brand new “year” for many bloggers as the kids head back to school.  Now is a great time to really reach for the sky as a blogger and a writer with your content. Here are 31 days of writing prompts for August get the creative juices flowing  – and many of them have the added bonus of providing you with perfect pitch ideas.

Holidays are a great way to get that blogging started. In August consider these ideas:

Admit You’re Happy Month

1. Write about why you are happy. You can even take a closer look at yourself and decide why you aren’t happy.

Family Fun Month

2. This topic can be so much FUN!  Find fun things for your family to do and then share them with your readers. It can be anything as unusual as building a fort indoors or camping in the backyard to the really unique and unusual like playing Doctor Who Monopoly!

National Eye Exam Month

3. Talk about the importance of getting your eyes checked.

4. Do a post about what children can expect at the eye doctor.

5. Discuss how parents can prepare their children for an eye exam.

6. Discuss the difficulties that some families face getting proper eye care and any known resources that could help them.

National Golf Month

7. Head out for mini golf and use this as an opportunity to perfect your pitch! Pitch a local business which offers golf (mini or 18 holes) as an entertainment option and highlight them on your blog.

Peach Month

8. Everything is just PEACHY in August! Share your favorite peach recipes.

Romance Awareness Month 

9. How can you bring back the romance to your relationship? It’s hard for busy parents!

10. What are some romantic date night ideas?

11. Have can you keep the romance going in your relationship?

Water Quality Month

12. Have you tested your water? Do you know what’s in it?

13. There’s a number of “algea bloom” situations in the U.S. and across the world. What can be done about keeping our waters clean?

14. How do you encourage your family to drink water?

National Picnic Month

15. Pack a picnic lunch and head out to a local park and share your experiences at the park and the lunch with your readers. Another great opportunity to perfect your pitch as you approach businesses for the perfect picnic basket.

Week 1 in August is National Simplify your Life Week

16. Now is the perfect time to organize! Give your readers some tips on how to better organize their closets and other areas of their home. We are using this week as an opportunity to clean out the closets so we know what we have and what we don’t have BEFORE we head out for our back to school shopping!  No need to waste money on jeans if there are 7 pairs in there already and you can always help out another family or charity with your clothing donations.

Week 2 in August is National Smile Week

17.  Give someone a smile, or bring one to their face. Maybe you could do this buy buying a homeless person a lunch and dropping it off to them. Maybe buy one for the person behind you in the drive-thru lane. Smile at someone in passing and say hi and be surprised by their response. Then write about the effect that a simple smile can make.

Week 3 in August is Friendship Week

18. Who are your best friends and why?

19. Better yet, what makes you a good friend?

20. How can you make more friends?

21. How can you celebrate the friends you have?

Week 4 in August is Be Kind to Humankind Week

22.  What could you do be more kind?

23. How can kindness extend to your social media outlook too?

24. Highlight some charities that you are proud of participating in and tell others how they can get involved too.

Back to School 

25 Is this your child’s first year at school? Whether preschool or college what are some things you are doing to make this transition easier?

26. Are you an empty nester starting this month? How do you feel about that? What are you planning to do now that they bird(s) have flown the nest.

27. Tips for saving on back to school supplies.

28. Tax free or not tax free – that is the question.

29. Healthy lunch options – to pack or not to pack that is the question.

30. How are you dealing with the kids heading off to school? If you are a SAHM what’s next for you? If you are a working mom how do you deal with the new schedules and all that time demands?

31. What are some of your favorite summer memories?

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