What’s in Your Suitcase? Free Printable Checklist of What to Bring to a Blogging Conference

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It is a new year and you know what that means right? A whole new year of marketer and blogging conferences to attend! There is always something new and exciting to learn at these conferences as well as the opportunity to perfect some skills you already have. This year my conference schedule includes ShiftCon, and I’ll be returning to Thrive and speaking at ConnectHER. I’m sure there will be more along the way, after all, it is only February.  One of the most common questions I receive is “What to wear,” “What to pack,” and “What do I need for this conference? I admit I’m a list person. I even have a packing list, one for conferences, one for weekend getaways and one for fam travel events. It doesn’t change a whole lot but it can be helpful in making sure that I don’t forget something that I may really need. So what SHOULD you bring to a blogging conference? We have some suggestions and a free printable checklist to help you get your suitcase packed and you out the door.

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What to Bring to A Blogger Conference


There is no doubt about it electronics are probably the first thing you think of when attending a blogging, marketer or influencer conference. Just imagine (GASP!) the horror of not being able to take notes and share all the amazing details you are learning. I know for me, I like to go back thru the Twitter stream using the conference hashtag and see what I can learn. This especially helps when I am attending one session and there is another one I would really like to be in at the same time. Since I’m not able to duplicate myself what I learn on social media can be incredibly helpful. So packing the right electronics doesn’t just help you but helps your fellow attendees too!

Laptops are optional. I usually only take mine if I’m going to be gone a long time or if I know that I’m going to have to work during the conference.

 I like to take my iPad, with me because I like the versatility that it provides and it’s lightweight. I make sure I have a good iPad case with keyboard. 

Make sure to take your phone chargers. They really are the most efficient way of charging your phone.

Backup charger because you never know when or where you may run out of “juice.”  I love my RAVPower External Battery Pack because it’s supercharged and I can charge both my iPad and my Samsung at the same time with three different outlets including micro. This baby has saved the day for myself and many other bloggers as there may be three of us plugged into it at the same time. Some people like the cases but I’ve found this to also be a great way to share the love – and my power.


Power strip (but Lisa you just said a backup charger!) I did but how many times have you gone into a hotel room and there weren’t enough plugs for everything at the desk or at the nightstand? I like to use a power strip both in the hotel room and you want to make friends at a conference? A Power Strip really introduces you to people! I like this one.  It is lightweight, had plugs and USBs and a 6 ft cord – did  I mention affordable?  Besides that I just bring it from home and return it to my desk.

Bringing a camera is up to you. Some conferences I attend like Disney Social Media Moms Celebration I bring the real deal. For others, I stick with a point and shoot or my cell phone. But I know some bloggers that just prefer to shoot with a “real” camera.

Before you think it is all high tech, don’t forget your notebook or journal. Don’t count on there being one as part of the swag. You will be amazed at what you may want to write down and refer to later. Sure images are fun and all but for me there is nothing like working through my notes and checking things off as I accomplish them. You will want something to write with so bring pens and one sharpie. When I’m well prepared I have different colored pens or a highlighter so I can really make specific points stand out.

Gum, candy or mints. It not only freshens your breath but helps with dry mouth.  You definitely don’t want to meet your a potential client or sponsor smelling of lunch that day!

Business cards! Sure you can follow each other right there at the conference, but that doesn’t mean that you will remember exactly who they are when you get there. In a hurry? Office Depot/OfficeMax offers same day pick up! Which reminds me I better order them my next conference is in just a few weeks! Whoo hoo I even have a deal to share get your business cards for $6.99! Save $3 REG 9.99 Value Business Cards. Free Delivery 

Media kit. Yes those too! Business cards for networking, but you may have the opportunity to talk directly with some of the sponsors and a well put together media kit can help you be prepared for really getting their attention. Be sure to practice your elevator pitch. You only have a few minutes to make a good first impression.

A copy of the agenda. I like to print it out small and place it on a 4×6 card. I also add the sponsors and hashtags on this card for a cheat sheet.

what to wear to a blogging conference

Now let’s get to the important stuff! CLOTHING

Comfortable shoes, but cute. You never know when your picture maybe a full-length one.

Pajamas, which is something I am notorious for forgetting! Could be a little bit embarrassing especially if you have a roommate!

Business casual clothing and layers. I usually go with pants and tops because I’m not always comfortable in a dress. But it doesn’t hurt to pack just one. You never know what may come up.  Room temperatures vary and you may be warm in the morning and cold as the day goes on. It also helps when visiting places different from your own climate. You will also want what goes UNDER your clothing.

Are you sharing the room with one or more people? Do you know them? A small roommate gift can be a great way to break the ice. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, just a small hello and welcome to the room.

After welcoming your roommate you may not want to mention that you brought along earplugs – for her or for yourself! But they are a good idea if one of you are trying to get some sleep and the other one well — doesn’t. Or maybe you COULD just put them in your welcome to the room gift bag!

blogging conference

Skincare products, deodorant and makeup are important (if you are so inclined). I like to use a long-wearing lipstick so I don’t have to worry about reapplying and this way I can be camera ready. I also like a small size hand sanitizer and hand lotion.  Your normal skin care products are important as you never know how the hotel brands may affect your skin.  Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, disposable floss, perfume and your hair care and styling products. I find I can usually use hotel shampoo and conditioner, but I want my own haircare products, including my blow dryer and I’m a curly girl but others may use a flat iron. 

Your own lanyard. One of the reasons for this is I like my lanyard that is a slip on cover. My name tag goes in there (I hate sticker name tags) and I can also put my business cards in there so they are easily accessible. Now where is mine with the cool beads on it? The kids are always borrowing mine for one reason or another.

Accessories are all part of the fun. But remember your necklace and lanyard may not always make a good fashion statement. A watch is a great way of telling the time, without making it look like you are checking your phone frequently.

While there may be opportunities for snacks and drinks it is a good idea to bring a water bottle with you and a few snacks. You may only want them in the comfort of your hotel room but you definitely don’t want your table mates to hear your stomach growling louder than the speaker is speaking!

Many conferences send you home with so many goodies and introductions to new products that you may find that your suitcase needs a friend to help you carry everything. I like to take my Vera Bradley Duffle Bag because it folds up and fits in the suitcase and then I can throw all my dirty clothes in it making laundry when I get back a breeze too!

Is there anything we are missing? What are some of your MUST HAVE’s when you are attending a professional conference?

Use our What to Bring to A Blogging Conference to help you with blogger conference packing and share it with a friend.

What to Bring to A Blogging Conference






Sharing is simple . . .
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