New Creative Media hosts Dress For Success Houston Event with Hotel Sorella and Elaine Turner

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dress for success

Early this summer we learned about the Valencia Group Hotels hosting a “Give Us The Shirt Off Your Back” donation drive at their hotels June 1 – August 31, 2017. In the donation drive they ask guests to leave behind (donate) both men and women’s business attire that they would launder and/or dry clean and then donate to a charitable cause like Dress for Success.

valencia group

I didn’t have much time to think of what to donate, but since myself and a number of other bloggers were going to be visiting the Hotel Valencia Riverwalk as part of a blogger fam travel event I was determined to see what I could pull together and donate upon our arrival.

Returning home from our weekend in San Antonio I had a three hour drive back to Houston to think about the charitable organization Dress for Success. I remember when I first started out working at the University. Just the suit for my interview alone would have taken the last of my budget, but my mother took me shopping. I remembered what it was like and how difficult it was when I was just starting out in my career at the University of Dayton to be able to dress as a professional. I had the knowledge, but between working two jobs, having a child and going to school part time I didn’t have the CLOTHING needed for the job. Dress for Success was an organization that resonated with me. As I talked to other women I learned that many others had struggled with looking the part of the career they wanted to have versus the job they had to just get by. For some, it was difficult to have the money to dress professional because of divorce. For others because of household finances, because the family and the monthly bills like rent, heat and water come first. But just think, with the right clothing it could make you look and feel more confident whether you are trying for a promotion, a first job or getting back on your feet after a difficult period of your life. What if I could get lots of women in my network of wonderful women, to donate to Dress for Success? Just think of what it could accomplish.

Elaine Turner Pop Up Shop to Benefit Dress for Success

elaine turner pop up shop

The next question is, “Where do we host this donation drive?” I’ve worked with Elaine Turner in the past and she is one of the ultimate stories of starting a new career and creating styles and fashions which women will love and enjoy. They generously offered space at the CityCentre location to host a donation drive, shopping event and even a raffle with a $1000 Gift Basket! You received a raffle ticket for every item of clothing you donated, as well as every item you purchased.

 The spirit of giving is at the very core of the Elaine Turner brand and belief system. During Elaine’s first year in college, her mother Marlaine was diagnosed with breast cancer, and still receives treatments every three weeks at MD Anderson. Elaine’s mom’s battle has placed even larger importance on giving back and living life to the fullest. Since the company began, Elaine has avidly supported breast cancer awareness, donating time and funds to various cancer related non-profits. Dedicated to leaving a legacy of giving, Elaine actively seeks opportunities to connect with local and national charity organizations.

The Hotel Sorella Houston is one of the beautiful boutique hotels within the Valencia Group chain. It’s actually become a tradition of ours to visit there on the 4th of July so that we can enjoy the CityCentre fireworks display, but also so that we get a good nights sleep. That can be hard in a town like Houston, where fireworks can go on until the wee hours of the morning within many neighborhoods.

Hotel Sorella Dress for Success Donations

Hotel Sorella generously provided our light bites and poptails. After all we needed sustenance as we shopped right? And with the hotel July weather in Houston it was important to keep cool. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

Dress for Success Houston donations



elaine turner city centre

Elaine Turner

elaine turner hotel sorella

Elaine Turner

hotel sorella bites and poptails

Elaine Turner

elaine turner prize

elaine turner


I was overwhelmed by the number of donations we received and were able to contribute to the Dress for Success drive! Neighbors, friends, colleagues and professional women from my networking groups all contributed. While not everyone could attend the event, there was an outpouring of support for this effort which I think resonated with a lot of women in the Houston area. A big thank you to all those who contributed their donations, attended, provided social media support, and the contributions by Hotel Sorella and Elaine Turner.





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San Antonio Visits Houston and Houston Influencers #SAinHouston

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A great big thank you to Local Table and Local Bar in Katy, Texas for hosting the SA in Houston Influencer Meet and Greet! Twenty Houston area influencers were invited to meet with representatives from Visit San Antonio and Sea World Texas. What better way to get an opportunity to work with a brand than to meet them face to face? Influencers had the opportunity to share their ideas, audience, accomplishments and more while learning more about the travel opportunities that our neighbors in San Antonio have to offer.

A big thank you to Shalanda Turner of Live Life In Style, Samantha Foster of The Pink Envelope and Melissa Moreno of MissieRosiesViews for sharing their photos with us.





























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Blogging Conferences: I’m going to be at ShiftCon 2018! Will you? #ShiftCon

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Are you still finalizing your blogging conference schedule for 2017-2017? I know I am! I’m so excited to be speaking at ConnectHer17 and also facilitating at ShiftCon2018. Two very different conferences but both with unique learning and networking opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers.   ShiftCon is the only eco-wellness influencer conference in the US and after 2016 in New Orleans it is returning to California.

You may be thinking, “But Lisa, I’m not a ‘green’ blogger.  But you maybe more eco-well than you think you are. Do you worry about what your children eat? Do you research what cosmetics you use before you buy them? Do you look at labels before you buy a sunscreen? Are you going gluten free? Are you making changes to your lifestyle for health and wellness and sharing with your readers? Maybe you are great at creating crafts and recycling products and “trash.” Whatever it is that you are doing and sharing may be more eco-friendly than you think. You can learn how to do all those things better – AND -how you can better share them with your audience. Not to mention the chance to learn from other influencers, network and so much more!

ShiftCon 2018 Details

ShiftCon Social Media Conference will be February 1-3, 2018 in Irvine, California at Hotel Irvine. ShiftCon was born, by Leah Segedie of, out of the idea that together we can create a profound impact on the world around us.  I first started working with Leah when it was “BookieWe can literally shift the way we eat, raise our families and our impact on the environment. That shift has begun, and now it’s time to come together and leverage our collective voice. ShiftCon was created to give wellness and eco-friendly influencers a place to network, share ideas, learn from experts, empower one another and organize their efforts into social change.

What happens at ShiftCon?

  • Professional workshops on social media growth, wellness topics & ways to increase your revenue without compromising your values
  • Keynote messages from professionals who are pioneers in their field
  • An exhibitor hall with over 50 brands and organizations who want to work with influencers
  • Networking with hundreds of your peers
  • Fitness events and NonGMO meals



Get Connected with ShiftCon 20178and find out more about speakers, topics, events and opportunities to volunteer! 

Visit the Website:

Follow on Twitter:

Like on

Are you ready to register for ShiftCon 2018?

Here’s my referral link. I would appreciate it if you would use and am excited to see you there!

Want to be involved? Apply to be a speaker, a sponsor or a volunteer at ShiftCon 2018

From the 2016 conference:

ShiftCon 2016 Videos On Sale For a Limited Time

ShiftCon 2016 was very memorable in the fun loving city of New Orleans. Did you miss out on all the fun? Or did you miss out on some workshops you wanted to see because they were during the same time as another one you went to? Well, we have solved you problem! ShiftCon is offering workshops from 2016 on sale TODAY. We have broken up the video series into two categories for you: wellness and professional. The wellness videos concentrate on science, wellness, public health, safer products & food, sustainability and justice issues. The professional videos focus on helping you build up your social media platforms, make more money and sharpen your skills.

Sale Starts Today and Ends Friday 6/16

We are offering you a discount to purchase your videos THIS WEEK and giving you $50 off each video set. Both sets are $99 each and if you take advantage of our sale you can have one for only $49! And if you decide to pick up both of them, they will be less than $100 for all the workshops at ShiftCon last year. If you would like to purchase one or both sets of videos, use code “shiftconwithlove” at checkout.

The Wellness Video Track

The ShiftCon 2016 Wellness Track: Click here to purchase. This series has eight videos. Speakers include Pete Meyers, Dr. Jessica Shade, Amy Love, and more! This video track includes the following:

Session 1: Dropping Science – Pete Myers of Environmental Sciences takes on Endocrine Disruption and Causes

Session 3: The Race Forward – How Challenging Racial Stereotypes Benefit Eco-Friendly Industry Growth

Session 9: Hot Science – How Organic Agriculture Improves the Environment

Session 10: What the F-ck Are We Eating – An Overview of Labels

Session 12: Hot Science – How Organic Supports a Healthy You

Session 13: From Garbage Islands to Poisonous Plastics – Solutions to Safeguard Our Children, Health, Family & the Ocean

Session 14: The Future of Sustainable Food Production in a Time of Climate Change. Sponsored by California Almonds

Session 15: Overcoming Obstacles – Keeping It Real When Life Is Crazy

The Professional Video Track

ShiftCon 2016 Professional Track videos: Click here to purchase. This series has seven videos. Speakers include Robyn O’Brien, JP Sears, Anya Katts and more! This video track includes the following:

Session 2: Going Pro – Using Email to Grow Your Audience and Turn it into a Profitable Business

Session 4: Backlash and Blowback – How to Navigate the Frontline, from Hashtags to Haters, to the Strength of the Human Heart with Robyn O’Brien

Session 5: From Pitch to Publish – How to Navigate the Realm of Traditional Publishing

Session 6: How to Successfully Pitch Traditional Media Outlets

Session 7: SEO Tips, Techniques, and New Technologies You Can Easily Utilize to Build More Traffic and Expand Your Audience

Session 8: How to Use Video to Grow Your Presence

Session 11: Stories, Not Selfies – Instagram Awesomeness for Influencers


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Blogger Fam Travel Opportunity in San Antonio, Texas

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New Creative Media (home to Money Saving Parent, AtoZ Learning Tree and GreatBeerNow) brings you this this super summer getaway blogger fam travel opportunity in San Antonio, Texas on the Riverwalk!

Now accepting applications for a blogger fam opportunity in San Antonio, TX. The Riverwalk Valencia had completed a 10 million dollar renovation and they want YOU social media influencers to unveil the updates!

Bloggers will receive a two night stay at the Riverwalk Valencia for up to 4 guests (including the blogger) on June 9 and 10, 2017. However, please note this is not a “family” vacation type of event. Applicants can not have greater than 4 in the party.

Bloggers will be responsible for the social media shares of their guests. Guests are required to share on their social media channels.

Also included in the event are dining experiences at the hotel (brand new Dorrego’s Restaurant & Naranja Bar) and additional opportunities (either at Valencia, Riverwalk or greater San Antonio area) MAY be made available at a later date.

Limited spots available.

Accepted bloggers will be invited to the Facebook group dedicated to this campaign for all information. Invite will be issued via “friends” or email. In some cases both as needed. If not responded to within 24 hours the spot will be filled by another applicant.

Bloggers will provide:
On- site social media campaign: Social media support on site during the blogger fam travel event June 9 and 10th at the Hotel Valencia Riverwalk. This support shall include social media shares, interactions with other influencers, as well as any other appropriate interactions with audience and sponsor(s).

Blog content: including up 2+ no follow links to the hotel and 3 or more images.

Social media shares of content (up to 4 or more)

Additional content and social media as may be required in the event of additional sponsors.

Live content is appreciated in the form of any video (Periscope, Live, Snapchat or Instagram) however is not required.

Use of FTC Disclosures and no follow links is required.

Travel mileage reimbursement is available and will be established.  Payments will be issued after the event is finalized.

Please leave any questions you may have in the comments section of the application.


Complete your application here >>>>

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Social Media Influencer Opportunity with Wings Over Houston Airshow

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wings over houston airshow


The Wings Over Houston Airshow returns again this year with a unique opportunity for bloggers and podcasters which enjoy sharing local content, history, special events and Houston-centric information. It’s also a unique opportunity to work with the air show which has been voted by USA Today’s Top 10 list as  the 4th BEST Airshow in the U.S.


Participation in this opportunity includes:

1 item of pre show content with invite to the Twitter party

Participation in the Twitter Party.

Social shares of pre content and throughout your attendance at the show.

Appropriate use of tags, hashtags and disclosure.

Travel to and from the event is not included in this opportunity. Should you need help planning and pitching for travel feel free to ask me for recommendations.

The Houston Airshow is scheduled for Oct. 22 and 23. We have tentatively scheduled the Twitter Party for Oct. 6th.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you!

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The fourth annual 4th of July #GoHouston blogger fam travel event

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This year New Creative Media celebrates it’s fourth year of the official Go Houston blogger fam travel event. Each year we experience some of the best that Houston has to offer while sharing with our audience the sights, sounds, entertainment, accomodations, dining and more. This year’s participants including

Lisa Carey of 

Shalanda Turner of Live Life in Style

Nasreen Stump of Traveling Moms 

Alba Garza of Independent Mami 

Participating Sponsors

Our participating sponsors included:


Wyndham West Houston/Energy Corridor

ten bar and lounge

Ten Bar and Lounge – Lobster Ravioli

Ten Bar – located in the Wyndam

Houston CVB – CityPass

grimaldi's pizzeria

Grimaldi’s Coal Brick Oven Pizza

elaine turner

Elaine Turner


hotel sorella

Hotel Sorella – City Centre

Radio Milano – City Centre



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The Comicpalooza 2016 Official Blogger Campaign

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comicpalooza 2016


This year New Creative Media joins Comicpalooza and Houston First for the fourth year. In prior years we have been part of the blogger program and in 2015 was the coordinator for the Podcaster and Blogger Program. This year we again returned as a Social Media Consultant, Blogger Campaign Coordinator and Press Junket Organizer.

About Comicpalooza

Comicpalooza convened on Father’s Day weekend – June 17-19, 2016 – at the George R. Brown Convention Center.
Comicpalooza is Texas’ largest pop culture event, catering to a wide variety of interests, including anime, fantasy, science fiction, art, film, fashion, high profile guest appearances and more.
It reaches a multi-generational audience with 2,000 hours of programming.
Over the past six years, Comicpalooza has grown to become one of Houston’s largest consumer conventions.
In 2015 alone, Comicpalooza hosted more than 40,000 attendees and booked 16,000 hotel rooms and generated a $20 million economic impact to the City of Houston.

Fun Facts
• First ever US appearance of the Aliens cast, including three-time Academy Award nominee Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton, marking the 30th Anniversary of James Cameron’s hit blockbuster film (1986).
• Reunion of Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery and the cast of the cult classic, The Boondock Saints.
• Norman Reedus will also be joined by fellow The Walking Dead star, Lennie James.
• Other notable appearances include Underworld star, Kate Beckinsale, world-renowned wrestler Ric Flair, Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Walter Koenig (Star Trek), David Prowse (Darth Vader, Star Wars) and Carl Weathers (Rocky, Predator, Happy Gilmore).

FX Series Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam is returning to the Lone Star State to meet with fans at Comicpalooza, Texas’ largest comic and pop culture event.  Hunnam is scheduled to appear on both Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19 at the event. Hunnam is honoring the Sons of Anarchy VIP ticket holders from Space City Comic Con, offering them free autographs Wolf Studios will honor unredeemed VIP photo op vouchers from Space City Comic Con. In addition, Comicpalooza will issue one free adult 3-day pass to each of those SoA VIP ticket holders. Space City Comic Con and Comicpalooza are separate entities and are not connected to each other in any way.

Beyond the Comic Book
• 1,000 hours of tabletop and video gaming including an “Indie Gamer Alley” featuring a select group of entrepreneurs beta testing their games with a public audience and the Hearthstone Fireside Gathering and Tournament presented by Microsoft.
• Largest literary festival in Texas featuring more than 100 authors and 3 New York Times best sellers.
• Comicpalooza Film Festival to showcase 1,200 short films and 10 hours of feature films submitted by directors from around the world. Program will include exclusive Q&As with directors and select cast members.
• The Comicpalooza MakerSpace will showcase engineering marvels in interactive booths.
• Houston Community College presents CodeFest 2.3, challenging participants to create an entire website from scratch during the event. Students who participate will receive credit.
• Live sports, including professional wrestling matches, roller derby bouts, Quidditch matches and Monster Energy BMX stunts.
• Comicpalooza’s “Artist Alley” will host more than 200 local and regional talents and a PTSD expert artist will educate guests on art as therapy. Comicpalooza will host an art auction, raising money for the Ronald McDonald Charity House Charities of Greater Houston/Galveston.
• Japan’s first and largest “J-Fashion” house, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, will host a fashion show to display their creations for Comicpalooza attendees.

Comicpalooza partnered with Growtix, an event management software company, to create an app where attendees can download important event information including celebrity profiles, maps and the latest schedules. The Comicpalooza app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

comicpalooza 2016

Comicpalooza 2016 Bloggers

Pre Con Content


Post Con Content


Comicpalooza 2016 Twitter Party #CPHou

Additionally this year was the Comicpalooza first every Twitter party including special guest Ming Chen, with official blogger participants and hosted by New Creative Media.

Find all coverage of the event by using the #CPHou on your favorite social media channels.


Press Junket and Bloggers Meet and Greet

A big thank you to SkyHouse Houston for providing the beautiful rooftop lounge for both the Press Junket and the Blogger Meet and Greet. Celebrity and Talent Guest included Eva Bella and Livvy Stubenrauch, Ming Chen, Anita Long (the CEO, of Long Films Studio and President of Women in Film and Television Houston), James Morrison – FBI Cyber Crimes, Lou Ferrigno, Chuck Huber, Sandra Joseph Taylor  – Author The Scholarship Guide and CEO and Founder of EDU Funding Guidance, Dr. Linda Seger –script consultant, seminar leader, and author of four books on spirituality and nine books on screenwriting includingWhen Women Call the Shots: The Developing Power and Influence of Women in Television and Film and Ravi Brahmbhatt  – Director of Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Adjunct Faculty
Houston Community College. 

Participating sponsors who made everyone’s day with delicious food and drink include YourPie Houston, Cadelaris Washington Ave., Karbach Brewing and Dripping Springs Vodka.

Each event yielded millions of social media impressions and hundreds of thousands in social media reach. Please contact New Creative Media for more details and to arrange your next Twitter Party, Press Junket, Interview or Blogger/Social Media Influencer Campaign.


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Facebook Pages Feed: Instant engagement and feed information

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How to and Benefits of Using Facebook Pages Feed

A great number of bloggers I know frequently say “just don’t know what to share on Facebook.” They don’t want to be egocentric and only share content from their blog. But what they do want is engaging content, information and hopefully not have to pay for the increasing their engagement through the use of boost or ads. One really fun way of finding new content for my pages Facebook Feed is to look to use the “Pages Feed” tool available on each of your Facebook Business Pages.

How to Use the Facebook Pages Feed Tool

facebook pages

Start with making sure you are following the blogs, brands and news sources you know and love. For example, if you frequently create and/or share recipes there are probably a number of food brands out there that you follow like Red Gold or Hillshire Farm.

facebook pages feed tool

Check your Facebook Pages Feed when you are looking for interesting content to share.

facebook pages feed tool

Read down through the pages feed content and when you find something you think your readers will enjoy share it.

Be sure to include the original content and create a status post which not only includes a tag back to the original source, but add a few comments or thoughts. Returning to the food brand idea – say Hillshire Farms posts a recipe. You could share it, tag Hillshire Farms and indicate that you may try it tonight – after all it’s easy and you already have all the ingredients at home. Then maybe ask them to share what they are making for dinner that night.

Benefits of Using the Facebook Pages Feed Tool

There are actually several benefits to using the Facebook Pages Feed Tool.

Stay on top of the brands, blogs, services and events which are of interest to you as a blogger and writer, but also those which may be of interest to your audience. 

  • The key to this: know your audience. Look at other posts and see what types of content they respond to on your Facebook business page. What makes them like, share or comment.

Using the Facebook Pages Feed Tool saves you time.

  • I also use Google alerts, but the pages feed tool helps me quickly and easily stay on top of the information I need and want to know from brands, businesses, services and events. The less time I have to spend on research the more time I can spend on other things like graphics, social media, content, images, and learning more about the tools of my trade.

Be seen as an expert in your “field.” 

  • Using the Facebook Pages Feed tool you are “in the know.” So could everyone else be if we actually saw EVERYTHING which those we follow share on Facebook. But thanks to the Facebook algorithm we don’t. As a result, you may have knowledge which others don’t. This creates a trusting relationship with your audience as they continue to see you as knowing what they want to know you that you will share it.

Creates engagement. 

  • Not just engagement with your audience, though that may be a result too. But you will also create engagement with the brands, businesses, events, services etc., which you want to get to know and which you want to get to know you. I know I check to see (and I know brands do too) who has shared what from my Facebook feed and as a result use those opportunities to not only learn what my audience likes, but also to create opportunities for engagement, conversation and relationships with those I want to work with in the future. Brands will do the same thing. Noticing that your ability to share and create opportunities for others to know what they are doing, will continue to bring you to their attention and possibly lead to an email or private message and an opportunity to work with them on a more official basis.


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Products and Prizes Twitter Party! Focus on Health and Beauty 4/2 at 9 pm ET

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products and prizes twitter party



Like to learn about new products? We do too! Come join us for the Products and Prizes Twitter Party on Apr. 2 at 9 pm ET for over $350 in prizes and learn about new products!

Now is the perfect time to check out (no pun intended) these health and beauty products. With spring here and summer around the corner we are all thinking about looking and feeling better as we get out and about.

But you won’t just be finding out about these products you will be learning about coupons to buy them and have a chance to WIN them! We have each one of these products available to win, coupon codes for purchase and TWO $50 AMAZON GIFT CARDS for you to use to get whatever you like from Amazon.

What do you have to do?


ATTEND: Join your host @moneysvgparent and co-hosts   and  and follow the hashtag #bloggers4amazon to join the coversation and your chance to win one of these amazing Amazon prizes.

TIME: Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 9 pm. ET, 8 pm CST and 6 pm PST.

RSVP below! Either leave a comment with your Twitter handle or add your Twitter link so we can say hey to everyone! After all it’s rude to attend a party that you haven’t RSVPd for and;

SHARE: Tell your friends you are coming and bring them along for the fun. All you have to do is ReTweet the image below!


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Bloggertunity: Wings Over Houston Sponsored Post and Giveaway

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