Blogging Conferences: I’m going to be at ShiftCon 2018! Will you? #ShiftCon

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Are you still finalizing your blogging conference schedule for 2017-2017? I know I am! I’m so excited to be speaking at ConnectHer17 and also facilitating at ShiftCon2018. Two very different conferences but both with unique learning and networking opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers.   ShiftCon is the only eco-wellness influencer conference in the US and after 2016 in New Orleans it is returning to California.

You may be thinking, “But Lisa, I’m not a ‘green’ blogger.  But you maybe more eco-well than you think you are. Do you worry about what your children eat? Do you research what cosmetics you use before you buy them? Do you look at labels before you buy a sunscreen? Are you going gluten free? Are you making changes to your lifestyle for health and wellness and sharing with your readers? Maybe you are great at creating crafts and recycling products and “trash.” Whatever it is that you are doing and sharing may be more eco-friendly than you think. You can learn how to do all those things better – AND -how you can better share them with your audience. Not to mention the chance to learn from other influencers, network and so much more!

ShiftCon 2018 Details

ShiftCon Social Media Conference will be February 1-3, 2018 in Irvine, California at Hotel Irvine. ShiftCon was born, by Leah Segedie of, out of the idea that together we can create a profound impact on the world around us.  I first started working with Leah when it was “BookieWe can literally shift the way we eat, raise our families and our impact on the environment. That shift has begun, and now it’s time to come together and leverage our collective voice. ShiftCon was created to give wellness and eco-friendly influencers a place to network, share ideas, learn from experts, empower one another and organize their efforts into social change.

What happens at ShiftCon?

  • Professional workshops on social media growth, wellness topics & ways to increase your revenue without compromising your values
  • Keynote messages from professionals who are pioneers in their field
  • An exhibitor hall with over 50 brands and organizations who want to work with influencers
  • Networking with hundreds of your peers
  • Fitness events and NonGMO meals



Get Connected with ShiftCon 20178and find out more about speakers, topics, events and opportunities to volunteer! 

Visit the Website:

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Are you ready to register for ShiftCon 2018?

Here’s my referral link. I would appreciate it if you would use and am excited to see you there!

Want to be involved? Apply to be a speaker, a sponsor or a volunteer at ShiftCon 2018

From the 2016 conference:

ShiftCon 2016 Videos On Sale For a Limited Time

ShiftCon 2016 was very memorable in the fun loving city of New Orleans. Did you miss out on all the fun? Or did you miss out on some workshops you wanted to see because they were during the same time as another one you went to? Well, we have solved you problem! ShiftCon is offering workshops from 2016 on sale TODAY. We have broken up the video series into two categories for you: wellness and professional. The wellness videos concentrate on science, wellness, public health, safer products & food, sustainability and justice issues. The professional videos focus on helping you build up your social media platforms, make more money and sharpen your skills.

Sale Starts Today and Ends Friday 6/16

We are offering you a discount to purchase your videos THIS WEEK and giving you $50 off each video set. Both sets are $99 each and if you take advantage of our sale you can have one for only $49! And if you decide to pick up both of them, they will be less than $100 for all the workshops at ShiftCon last year. If you would like to purchase one or both sets of videos, use code “shiftconwithlove” at checkout.

The Wellness Video Track

The ShiftCon 2016 Wellness Track: Click here to purchase. This series has eight videos. Speakers include Pete Meyers, Dr. Jessica Shade, Amy Love, and more! This video track includes the following:

Session 1: Dropping Science – Pete Myers of Environmental Sciences takes on Endocrine Disruption and Causes

Session 3: The Race Forward – How Challenging Racial Stereotypes Benefit Eco-Friendly Industry Growth

Session 9: Hot Science – How Organic Agriculture Improves the Environment

Session 10: What the F-ck Are We Eating – An Overview of Labels

Session 12: Hot Science – How Organic Supports a Healthy You

Session 13: From Garbage Islands to Poisonous Plastics – Solutions to Safeguard Our Children, Health, Family & the Ocean

Session 14: The Future of Sustainable Food Production in a Time of Climate Change. Sponsored by California Almonds

Session 15: Overcoming Obstacles – Keeping It Real When Life Is Crazy

The Professional Video Track

ShiftCon 2016 Professional Track videos: Click here to purchase. This series has seven videos. Speakers include Robyn O’Brien, JP Sears, Anya Katts and more! This video track includes the following:

Session 2: Going Pro – Using Email to Grow Your Audience and Turn it into a Profitable Business

Session 4: Backlash and Blowback – How to Navigate the Frontline, from Hashtags to Haters, to the Strength of the Human Heart with Robyn O’Brien

Session 5: From Pitch to Publish – How to Navigate the Realm of Traditional Publishing

Session 6: How to Successfully Pitch Traditional Media Outlets

Session 7: SEO Tips, Techniques, and New Technologies You Can Easily Utilize to Build More Traffic and Expand Your Audience

Session 8: How to Use Video to Grow Your Presence

Session 11: Stories, Not Selfies – Instagram Awesomeness for Influencers


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I’m GOING! Thrive Blogger Conference

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thrive blogger conference

It’s that time of the year when I start making my travel and conference plans. There are several that I would like to attend and some brand new ones this year that I’m even more excited to share with you! The first new blogger conference for 2015 is Thrive for Bloggers and is being held in The Woodlands, TX.

Here’s what intrigues me about the Thrive Blogger conference:

  • It’s a shorter conference with a party on Friday night and the conference sessions on Sat. You know what that means right?
  • It’s less expensive than some other blogger conferences with a $99.00 ticket price.
  • While I’m an experienced blogger Thrive is offering some sessions that I would really like to learn more about. For example, ever since IZEA made changes to their system I’ve been lost on how best to work within it. IZEA is one of our sessions!
  • Other sessions I’m excited about include Food Staging and Photography and YouTube.  You can find out all the speakers and sessions online and register too.
  • I’m shamelessly stolen this quote from their about page – but of course given proper attribution

Everyone works together as a team to learn how to grow the blogging industry together, and to support each other. When one blogger thrives, all bloggers Thrive!

All the sessions are in one room so I don’t even have to choose. I get to attend them all!

Did I mention it’s right here in the Houston area? I don’t have to spend a fortune to go to this one. Room rates were available at the Hyatt and let me tell you the Hyatt in The Woodlands is absolutely amazing and gorgeous. So grab a roommate and make your reservation.

Did I mention the shopping and dining in The Woodlands? It’s going to be hard for me to get in the car and drive home after the conference because there are so many other fun things to do while there. Hmm, maybe I won’t come straight home!



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Limited time Bloggy Conference 2014 $85 registration

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bloggy conference

I just returned from the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (conference) and it was so inspiring to me that the first thing I did (okay well it was the first thing I did as soon as I applied for the opportunity to attend the On the Road events) was start thinking about what other conferences I may be interested in attending. Lo and behold, I open my email that day to see that Bloggy Conference is just $85 to register for a limited time only.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which will hopefully help me attend even more informative and inspiring conferences this year.

Really? $85 for registration to Bloggy Conference? That is significantly less than the regular price for that conference and many others. It’s in Ohio so maybe we could even visit with our family and it’s at Cedar Point Amusement Park so if the whole family goes it’s a mini-vacation – well at least for them.

When is Bloggy Conference? September 12 – 14, 2014 

What does the registration of $85 include? It includes  access to all conference sessions, events and meals. All attendees will receive passes to Cedar Point.

So, I would need airfare, rental car and hotel reservations. That gets the thinking/planning process started.

For all my other questions, I visited their helpful FAQ page, the Speakers Page, and the Hotel page.

The agenda looks interesting and informative, as well as provide me with the opportunity to network with hundreds of bloggers while gaining important knowledge about blogging, brands and social media.

What’s next? Making reservations and paying for the trip!

Bloggy Conference 2014!


Are you a brand or business that would like to form a long term relationship with the opportunity for reviews, content, giveaways, marketing campaigns as well as networking and would like to sponsor my trip to Bloggy Conference or any other conferences?  Contact me to find out how we could work together and visit out Campaigns page to see what other brands we have worked with in the past as well as continue to work with.

Are you a blogger who is ready to save some money on your conference registration and spend only $85 for registration to Bloggy Conference? Then get going! 

Additional blog, writer and small business conferences information can be found here. 

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Blogger, Writer and Small Business Conference Schedule 2014

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There are many advantages to going to workshops and conferences pertaining to writing, blogging, small business ownership and social media.   Conferences can make you connections, help you with networking efforts, teach you new skills, help you brush up on skills and knowledge you already have and of course there is the fun of the travel!

While not a comprehensive list, here are many of the conferences going on across the country for writers, bloggers, small businesses, women in small business and social media interests.  Feel free to add to the list in your comments.

Note- normally I wouldn’t just do links  like this but would put them inside the content but in this case it may help since there are SO many of them to choose from.

Conferences and Workshops for 2014

WordCamp schedule for all cities throughout the year –>













What have been some of the most productive conferences you have attended?  Which one(s) do you plan on attending in 2014?

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