New Creative Media hosts Dress For Success Houston Event with Hotel Sorella and Elaine Turner

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dress for success

Early this summer we learned about the Valencia Group Hotels hosting a “Give Us The Shirt Off Your Back” donation drive at their hotels June 1 – August 31, 2017. In the donation drive they ask guests to leave behind (donate) both men and women’s business attire that they would launder and/or dry clean and then donate to a charitable cause like Dress for Success.

valencia group

I didn’t have much time to think of what to donate, but since myself and a number of other bloggers were going to be visiting the Hotel Valencia Riverwalk as part of a blogger fam travel event I was determined to see what I could pull together and donate upon our arrival.

Returning home from our weekend in San Antonio I had a three hour drive back to Houston to think about the charitable organization Dress for Success. I remember when I first started out working at the University. Just the suit for my interview alone would have taken the last of my budget, but my mother took me shopping. I remembered what it was like and how difficult it was when I was just starting out in my career at the University of Dayton to be able to dress as a professional. I had the knowledge, but between working two jobs, having a child and going to school part time I didn’t have the CLOTHING needed for the job. Dress for Success was an organization that resonated with me. As I talked to other women I learned that many others had struggled with looking the part of the career they wanted to have versus the job they had to just get by. For some, it was difficult to have the money to dress professional because of divorce. For others because of household finances, because the family and the monthly bills like rent, heat and water come first. But just think, with the right clothing it could make you look and feel more confident whether you are trying for a promotion, a first job or getting back on your feet after a difficult period of your life. What if I could get lots of women in my network of wonderful women, to donate to Dress for Success? Just think of what it could accomplish.

Elaine Turner Pop Up Shop to Benefit Dress for Success

elaine turner pop up shop

The next question is, “Where do we host this donation drive?” I’ve worked with Elaine Turner in the past and she is one of the ultimate stories of starting a new career and creating styles and fashions which women will love and enjoy. They generously offered space at the CityCentre location to host a donation drive, shopping event and even a raffle with a $1000 Gift Basket! You received a raffle ticket for every item of clothing you donated, as well as every item you purchased.

 The spirit of giving is at the very core of the Elaine Turner brand and belief system. During Elaine’s first year in college, her mother Marlaine was diagnosed with breast cancer, and still receives treatments every three weeks at MD Anderson. Elaine’s mom’s battle has placed even larger importance on giving back and living life to the fullest. Since the company began, Elaine has avidly supported breast cancer awareness, donating time and funds to various cancer related non-profits. Dedicated to leaving a legacy of giving, Elaine actively seeks opportunities to connect with local and national charity organizations.

The Hotel Sorella Houston is one of the beautiful boutique hotels within the Valencia Group chain. It’s actually become a tradition of ours to visit there on the 4th of July so that we can enjoy the CityCentre fireworks display, but also so that we get a good nights sleep. That can be hard in a town like Houston, where fireworks can go on until the wee hours of the morning within many neighborhoods.

Hotel Sorella Dress for Success Donations

Hotel Sorella generously provided our light bites and poptails. After all we needed sustenance as we shopped right? And with the hotel July weather in Houston it was important to keep cool. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

Dress for Success Houston donations



elaine turner city centre

Elaine Turner

elaine turner hotel sorella

Elaine Turner

hotel sorella bites and poptails

Elaine Turner

elaine turner prize

elaine turner


I was overwhelmed by the number of donations we received and were able to contribute to the Dress for Success drive! Neighbors, friends, colleagues and professional women from my networking groups all contributed. While not everyone could attend the event, there was an outpouring of support for this effort which I think resonated with a lot of women in the Houston area. A big thank you to all those who contributed their donations, attended, provided social media support, and the contributions by Hotel Sorella and Elaine Turner.





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San Antonio Visits Houston and Houston Influencers #SAinHouston

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A great big thank you to Local Table and Local Bar in Katy, Texas for hosting the SA in Houston Influencer Meet and Greet! Twenty Houston area influencers were invited to meet with representatives from Visit San Antonio and Sea World Texas. What better way to get an opportunity to work with a brand than to meet them face to face? Influencers had the opportunity to share their ideas, audience, accomplishments and more while learning more about the travel opportunities that our neighbors in San Antonio have to offer.

A big thank you to Shalanda Turner of Live Life In Style, Samantha Foster of The Pink Envelope and Melissa Moreno of MissieRosiesViews for sharing their photos with us.





























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The Comicpalooza 2016 Official Blogger Campaign

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comicpalooza 2016


This year New Creative Media joins Comicpalooza and Houston First for the fourth year. In prior years we have been part of the blogger program and in 2015 was the coordinator for the Podcaster and Blogger Program. This year we again returned as a Social Media Consultant, Blogger Campaign Coordinator and Press Junket Organizer.

About Comicpalooza

Comicpalooza convened on Father’s Day weekend – June 17-19, 2016 – at the George R. Brown Convention Center.
Comicpalooza is Texas’ largest pop culture event, catering to a wide variety of interests, including anime, fantasy, science fiction, art, film, fashion, high profile guest appearances and more.
It reaches a multi-generational audience with 2,000 hours of programming.
Over the past six years, Comicpalooza has grown to become one of Houston’s largest consumer conventions.
In 2015 alone, Comicpalooza hosted more than 40,000 attendees and booked 16,000 hotel rooms and generated a $20 million economic impact to the City of Houston.

Fun Facts
• First ever US appearance of the Aliens cast, including three-time Academy Award nominee Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton, marking the 30th Anniversary of James Cameron’s hit blockbuster film (1986).
• Reunion of Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery and the cast of the cult classic, The Boondock Saints.
• Norman Reedus will also be joined by fellow The Walking Dead star, Lennie James.
• Other notable appearances include Underworld star, Kate Beckinsale, world-renowned wrestler Ric Flair, Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Walter Koenig (Star Trek), David Prowse (Darth Vader, Star Wars) and Carl Weathers (Rocky, Predator, Happy Gilmore).

FX Series Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam is returning to the Lone Star State to meet with fans at Comicpalooza, Texas’ largest comic and pop culture event.  Hunnam is scheduled to appear on both Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19 at the event. Hunnam is honoring the Sons of Anarchy VIP ticket holders from Space City Comic Con, offering them free autographs Wolf Studios will honor unredeemed VIP photo op vouchers from Space City Comic Con. In addition, Comicpalooza will issue one free adult 3-day pass to each of those SoA VIP ticket holders. Space City Comic Con and Comicpalooza are separate entities and are not connected to each other in any way.

Beyond the Comic Book
• 1,000 hours of tabletop and video gaming including an “Indie Gamer Alley” featuring a select group of entrepreneurs beta testing their games with a public audience and the Hearthstone Fireside Gathering and Tournament presented by Microsoft.
• Largest literary festival in Texas featuring more than 100 authors and 3 New York Times best sellers.
• Comicpalooza Film Festival to showcase 1,200 short films and 10 hours of feature films submitted by directors from around the world. Program will include exclusive Q&As with directors and select cast members.
• The Comicpalooza MakerSpace will showcase engineering marvels in interactive booths.
• Houston Community College presents CodeFest 2.3, challenging participants to create an entire website from scratch during the event. Students who participate will receive credit.
• Live sports, including professional wrestling matches, roller derby bouts, Quidditch matches and Monster Energy BMX stunts.
• Comicpalooza’s “Artist Alley” will host more than 200 local and regional talents and a PTSD expert artist will educate guests on art as therapy. Comicpalooza will host an art auction, raising money for the Ronald McDonald Charity House Charities of Greater Houston/Galveston.
• Japan’s first and largest “J-Fashion” house, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, will host a fashion show to display their creations for Comicpalooza attendees.

Comicpalooza partnered with Growtix, an event management software company, to create an app where attendees can download important event information including celebrity profiles, maps and the latest schedules. The Comicpalooza app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

comicpalooza 2016

Comicpalooza 2016 Bloggers

Pre Con Content


Post Con Content


Comicpalooza 2016 Twitter Party #CPHou

Additionally this year was the Comicpalooza first every Twitter party including special guest Ming Chen, with official blogger participants and hosted by New Creative Media.

Find all coverage of the event by using the #CPHou on your favorite social media channels.


Press Junket and Bloggers Meet and Greet

A big thank you to SkyHouse Houston for providing the beautiful rooftop lounge for both the Press Junket and the Blogger Meet and Greet. Celebrity and Talent Guest included Eva Bella and Livvy Stubenrauch, Ming Chen, Anita Long (the CEO, of Long Films Studio and President of Women in Film and Television Houston), James Morrison – FBI Cyber Crimes, Lou Ferrigno, Chuck Huber, Sandra Joseph Taylor  – Author The Scholarship Guide and CEO and Founder of EDU Funding Guidance, Dr. Linda Seger –script consultant, seminar leader, and author of four books on spirituality and nine books on screenwriting includingWhen Women Call the Shots: The Developing Power and Influence of Women in Television and Film and Ravi Brahmbhatt  – Director of Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Adjunct Faculty
Houston Community College. 

Participating sponsors who made everyone’s day with delicious food and drink include YourPie Houston, Cadelaris Washington Ave., Karbach Brewing and Dripping Springs Vodka.

Each event yielded millions of social media impressions and hundreds of thousands in social media reach. Please contact New Creative Media for more details and to arrange your next Twitter Party, Press Junket, Interview or Blogger/Social Media Influencer Campaign.


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Blogger Spotlight Interview

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If you would like to be spotlighted, share your experiences, mentor and help others learn from your experiences as a blogger please fill out our Blogger Spotlight Interview.

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Working at home and getting by with a little help from my friends and family

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By: Eric

Often I find myself in the position where I have to put the emphasis on work, when working at home and dealing with friends and family.  But even more often, I find that “I get by with a little help from my friends” and family.

“I’ll watch the girls.”   I love hearing these words, as friends every so often have surprised me with the gift of some extra time to work as a friend or family member takes the children for a few hours.  One friend and I will trade. One week I’ll watch her children while she works, during another she watches mine.  For other friends maybe they are going to the movies or maybe the girls can just go to a friends house for a couple hours of play, but whatever the occasion,  those four magic words are music to the WAHM’s (dad and parents’) ears!

Friends and family are a treasure trove of ideas. Whether I need an idea for an article, social networking or making the best use of my time, friends and family members provide me with the treasure of their experience, questions and comments that help me keep the block from happening to this writer.

Read all about it!  I often get email messages regarding topics for my column, articles or blog.   No, these emails aren’t coming from supervisors, clients or “bosses” but from friends who thought I may enjoy this topic or that to explore for my next writing project.   Sometimes it is a news article, sometime’s it is just a question about parenting, crafts, education, travel or saving money.  Whatever the reason, it gives me a chance to see what others are interested and help them “read all about it.”

Subscribe and share.  It never fails to amaze me when I see a new email subscriber on my columns that I know, or a Facebook share or Twitter tweet, mention or retweet of a piece of content that I have published.  Subscribing and sharing my content helps to promote it, and me as well as helps me make more money for my family.  I was very surprised to see my dad’s name and email listed among my subscribers and was told by my mother that he reads everything I publish.  Really? Everything?   That means a great deal to a writer.

Leave a comment.   There is no denying that for many WAHMs or parents we feel a little isolated.   Is anyone really paying attention to what we do? Are they actually reading my posts on Facebook to let them know about my latest accomplishment or challenge?  You can’t help but wonder if there is anyone out there actually noticing your work, no matter what it is.   A comment, text, or Facebook post can go a long way towards brightening this WAHMs day!

Get me out and about.   I admit, I could probably stay home and be a workaholic, very easily.   So it’s nice to know that there are some friends that are determined to make sure I get out and about and that every momemt isn’t consumed with work.   It doesn’t matter if it’s just not taking no for an answer to a request to meet for lunch to planning a trip to a movie or museum with the kids on a day when I can play.

Supporting your friends and family that work from home doesn’t have to be work at home for you.  It is actually the little things that you do that can add up to success, for your WAHM friend or family member.  Whether it’s a great big thank you for watching the kids, to mentioning that one thing that created a spark of inspiration it is important to give credit where credit is due.   Make sure that your support system goes both ways, or it may just go away.

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5 Finance factors to consider before deciding to work at home

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Image By Flickr Creative Commons: Dustin Moore

The decision to stay home or return to work after having children is one hot topic. Not only do people talk about it a great deal, but there are also some very strong feelings offered up to both men and women as they consider becoming a stay-at-home parent. In our case, it was sort of an easy answer to the question of staying home. A nice salary from a university position, didn’t offset the cost of two young children needing daycare, which would cost approximately $2500 a month in child care and made our decision somewhat easy. But there are also many other factors to consider before parents make a final decision about staying home. The most important one may have to do with money. Here are a few finance factors to consider before you write your two week notice.

Beware of your budget. Childcare is not the only expense to consider. You may also need to make some tough decisions about your lifestyle choices, vacations or even dining out. Do you have some payments like the mortgage that simply couldn’t be met if one parent or the other stays home? If so, you may need to consider downsizing or cutting back on your other expenses, if you do decide to stay home.

Check the credit. While couples can add their non-working spouse to a credit card, usually this means that the stay at home parent won’t be building up their own credit. That can cause long term financial problems in the event of a death or divorce.

Insure your insurance. Is the prospective stay at home parent the one with health insurance coverage? If so will the same level of coverage be available for a similar premium, from your company? Will there be additional copays or deductibles? You will also need to consider where in the year that these insurance changes, such as taking on a new policy or changing an existing one will happen. In some cases you must wait for a determining factor or an enrollment date.

Return on retirement. You know that 2-5% contribution that your company has been depositing for you in your IRA account? While it may not seem like much, but at least it was something going into your retirement fund. As a result, staying at home can mean that your retirement money may not grow old with you, unless you can find a way to continue to make some contributions.

Respect responsibilities. With one parent staying home there may be some thought that now all the household decisions and work like cooking and cleaning is done exclusively by the stay at home parent. Where once before you may have had a housekeeper, use a dry cleaner or have someone to care for your pool or lawn, your decision to stay home may mean that those expenses need to be cut from the budget. You may have to start doing these chores. However, staying home is a job too, and it is just as hard if not harder some days that going out into the workforce. Make sure that you and your spouse discuss how the chores, cooking, cleaning and transporting the kids after work hours will be handled and find a way that works for you.

The decision to stay home isn’t one that can be decided easily. There is a great deal to consider and discuss with your significant other or spouse. Money is one of the main topics of disagreement in many relationships so it’s important to consider the impact that your stay at home decision will make, not only on your finances but on your relationships too.

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