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How to and Benefits of Using Facebook Pages Feed

A great number of bloggers I know frequently say “just don’t know what to share on Facebook.” They don’t want to be egocentric and only share content from their blog. But what they do want is engaging content, information and hopefully not have to pay for the increasing their engagement through the use of boost or ads. One really fun way of finding new content for my pages Facebook Feed is to look to use the “Pages Feed” tool available on each of your Facebook Business Pages.

How to Use the Facebook Pages Feed Tool

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Start with making sure you are following the blogs, brands and news sources you know and love. For example, if you frequently create and/or share recipes there are probably a number of food brands out there that you follow like Red Gold or Hillshire Farm.

facebook pages feed tool

Check your Facebook Pages Feed when you are looking for interesting content to share.

facebook pages feed tool

Read down through the pages feed content and when you find something you think your readers will enjoy share it.

Be sure to include the original content and create a status post which not only includes a tag back to the original source, but add a few comments or thoughts. Returning to the food brand idea – say Hillshire Farms posts a recipe. You could share it, tag Hillshire Farms and indicate that you may try it tonight – after all it’s easy and you already have all the ingredients at home. Then maybe ask them to share what they are making for dinner that night.

Benefits of Using the Facebook Pages Feed Tool

There are actually several benefits to using the Facebook Pages Feed Tool.

Stay on top of the brands, blogs, services and events which are of interest to you as a blogger and writer, but also those which may be of interest to your audience. 

  • The key to this: know your audience. Look at other posts and see what types of content they respond to on your Facebook business page. What makes them like, share or comment.

Using the Facebook Pages Feed Tool saves you time.

  • I also use Google alerts, but the pages feed tool helps me quickly and easily stay on top of the information I need and want to know from brands, businesses, services and events. The less time I have to spend on research the more time I can spend on other things like graphics, social media, content, images, and learning more about the tools of my trade.

Be seen as an expert in your “field.” 

  • Using the Facebook Pages Feed tool you are “in the know.” So could everyone else be if we actually saw EVERYTHING which those we follow share on Facebook. But thanks to the Facebook algorithm we don’t. As a result, you may have knowledge which others don’t. This creates a trusting relationship with your audience as they continue to see you as knowing what they want to know you that you will share it.

Creates engagement. 

  • Not just engagement with your audience, though that may be a result too. But you will also create engagement with the brands, businesses, events, services etc., which you want to get to know and which you want to get to know you. I know I check to see (and I know brands do too) who has shared what from my Facebook feed and as a result use those opportunities to not only learn what my audience likes, but also to create opportunities for engagement, conversation and relationships with those I want to work with in the future. Brands will do the same thing. Noticing that your ability to share and create opportunities for others to know what they are doing, will continue to bring you to their attention and possibly lead to an email or private message and an opportunity to work with them on a more official basis.


Sharing is simple . . .
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Putting your best ‘face” forward: Facebook page design

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Whether your business is large or small, blogger or builder the importance of a quality Facebook page is becoming ever more apparent.   Some businesses hire designers, media marketers and promoters to help them put their best “face” forward on Facebook, but for those of us that are bloggers, WAHM and WAHDads, small or local business owners we may need some help creating the best possible business facebook page design.   What are the advantages to a good business Facebook page design?

A good business Facebook page design stops drive by visits.   How many times do you get directed to a Facebook page to end up there and wonder “What is that all there is?”  Instead of “liking” what you see and sticking around for more readers drive on by your page, loosing you the reader, the business and the contact.

A good business facebook page design creates a call to action.  Here are two examples.  One is my own personal page.  As you can see personal pages don’t really POP!  Sure the cover makes a nice way to express yourself, but there is nothing there to draw you in or make you take action and that is the whole reason behind having a business Facebook page, to not only tell people about your business but to also give them something that makes them want to act, whether it is a giveaway, a purchase, a like or a share?


Writer Lisa Mason allowed me to use her business Facebook page as an example.  She has a custom design that talks about what she does and where she does it.  Custom tabs not only draw the readers eye but show the reader where to go and what they can do when they get there.  It’s visually appealing and useful.   She includes a call to action, telling readers what to do next.  These are all signs of a good business Facebook page.

A good Facebook page design is easy to use.  Have you ever visited a Facebook page to find out more about an event, activity or giveaway only to find that you just couldn’t find the item you were there for.   Even with the new timeline and all the updates that Facebook does, a good business page design is easy to use and is used regularly.   No one is going to take the time to dig around to find out the information they came for.   Easy to use, means it will get used, and that’s what our business page is made for right?

Depending on your business you may want to include apps that help your business. For example, on Money Saving Parent‘s Facebook page we like to include our Pinterest activity and an app for our Facebook fans of the week.   We like to hear from our readers and want them to know it.  That’s why you really do need “an app for that.

A good Facebook page design doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, though I found that I would rather let the professionals do it than spend hours (and I do mean HOURS) trying to do it myself when there are so many more things I could be doing that well, maybe I’m just better at.

Take a look at your business or fan page on Facebook.  Ask your friends, family and yes even your fans, “Is there something we could do here to make it better?”






This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

Sharing is simple . . .
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