Tips for Finding Your Word of the Year and Making It A Reality

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word of the year

With the new year here I am hearing a lot of people talking about a “word of the year.”  This word of the year may be viewed as a mantra, or an inspiration, an alternative to a New Year’s Resolution. How can one word encompass or inspire you to do all that you want to accomplish in the next 12 months? If you are picking a word of the year here are some tips for not only finding your word of the year, but making it a reality.

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Tips for Finding Your Word of the Year

  1. Write down your goals, but be broad. Instead of a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, how about a goal to be healthier. That may mean losing weight, or exercising more or eating better. Think in terms of what you want to be instead of what you hope you will do.
  2. Brainstorm words that inspire or motivate you. Choose words that are dynamic. I found that nouns and adjectives worked best for me. You can always add to the word, for example achieve or achievement. Which “version” of the word works for what you want to accomplish? Use those words to create list of words that encompass what you would like to see in your life. For some it maybe health. For others it may be balance. Choosing just one word does take some time and thought.
  3. Define the words you have selected. Include synonyms and antonyms.
  4. When reviewing the words and their definitions remember that it’s a characteristic, not a behavior. It’s not how you plan on conducting yourself but how you want yourself to be and do better. Here’s an example of the difference.  New Year’s Resolution: I’m not going to drink products which contain caffeine.  Word of the Year: Health which encompasses all aspects of your health from making sure to self-care, to getting regular check ups to eliminating certain things from your diet. It also allows for more growth as you make changes across the board but also is more forgiving when you don’t do exactly what you resolved to do.
  5. How do the words that you have selected affect your life? How will living this word support you not only for the next year, but in a more long term aspect? The perspective shifts now from one aspect of your life to all aspects. How will “determination” affect your family, business or other relationships? Maybe it means creating the determination you need to not over extend yourself, which in turn leaves you open to exciting new opportunities.

Now that you have your goals in mind, words that match those goals and an idea of how you want to improve your life it does become so much easier to narrow your selection down to one word which can make a big difference.

Word of the Year Inspiration

Need some inspiration for a word of the year? Here are 100 word suggestions to help you get started.

word of the year




Turning Words into Action

word cloud

I have my Word of the Year but what now?  Tips for making your Word of the Year a reality.

  • Consider making it a screen saver on your smartphone, iPad, laptop or desktop. Use a font you like as well as a engaging and noticeable background.
  • Create a word cloud. What are some words associated with your Word of the Year? Create a Word of Art that you can save as a screensaver, print out and place on your vision board, or place in a picture frame and set it on your desk. Why not do more than one of these so it is with you during all parts of your day.
  • Create a vision board with the word featured front and center. Then surround it with visuals which will inspire and motivate you to make the word an action(s).
  • Create a playlist of music which encourages or evidences your Word of the Year.
  • Read books about your Word of the Year. This can be biographies, autobiographies or even fiction. A search of the word “Confidence” on Amazon brings up the following items “Tips and Tricks on How to Gain Self-Confidence,” “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness,” “Wire Your Brain for Confidence.” See how others encourage or live your Word of the Year and use those stories to help you live it too.

Now you have a WORD, not a to do list. Take small steps and ask yourself “Does (activity, thought, action) further my goal of my Word of the Year? If it doesn’t it offers you the opportunity to not participate in that activity. A word of the year is more all encompassing, yet more flexible, so instead of checking items off your “to do list” you are taking the opportunity to make a series of changes that can help in many different aspects of your life.



Sharing is simple . . .
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